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My Stroke Analysis provides Side-by-Side Technique Comparison between you and top professionals.


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We get it. You're busy. You love tennis. You want to get even better. But, the problem is that you don't have the time to take multiple lessons every week. Well then, how do you improve? Why not take a tennis lesson at home, at work, or on the plane? This way, you already know what you need to focus on when you step on the court. It doesn't matter if you live in Florida, Iowa, or China, you can join the TennisOxygen Academy today to have your own top-notch professional tennis coach.

Personal Stroke Video Analysis

We specialize in Personal Stroke Video Analysis and Online Private Coaching. Academy Members have the ability to upload video footage of their strokes, and receive a side-by-side video comparison with today's top professionals. Through analysis, we are able to see your problem areas and personally tailor your learning process to show you exactly what you need to work on.

In joining, Christophe will become your personal tennis coach. You have your own, fully-private, lesson page that serves as a portal of two-way communication for feedback and guidance from Christophe. Game improvement is guaranteed.

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Long distance relationships are hard, but we make it easy. We're mobile friendly, so you're always able to access your video lessons on the go. It doesn't matter if you're on the court, at work, or at the airport, you are only one click away from contact with your online coach.

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We love to hear feedback from our membership. Here are just a few that have Watched, Learned, and Practiced...

Just a quick note to say the new site looks great. Very web contemporary; clean, well organized and, as always, the absolute best tennis instruction on the internet!
Christophe's analysis and breakdown of technique and strategy is second to none. The Common Threads of the Game lessons have helped me make the jump to a 4.0.
I believe yours is the best web instructional site. The lessons on the rhythm of the stroke and how to stroke the Millenium forehand like Novak, Roger and Rafa are superb.

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